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Below is a list of presentations I delivered in the past, either on stage or online.


Annual MSc Strategic Marketing MasterClass

2018 Customer Experience: Growth hiding in plain sight

2017 The future of Customer Experience Insight

2016 Customer Experience Measurement Best Practice

CRM World Club Meet & Work III

Moscow, 20th March 2018

Participated to the Devino Telecom-led CRM World Club's (Russia's leading customer-centric professional community) very first international event.

"Supercharging your CRM and business change with the VoC"

titlepage CRM Russia

European CX Forum 2017

London, 12th October 2017

Unveiled a conceptual framework and tips on carrying out a customer experience driven business transformation project.

"It's TIME to deliver"

CX Marketing Summit

London, 15th March 2018

One of London's leading CX conferences.

I explored ways to avoid the most common pitfalls for CX Programmes

"Harnessing the REAL power of your Voice of the Customer"