Over the years, I have authored and co-authored a number of publications in the Customer Experience space. Below is a short sample of my work over the years (as much of my work is ghostwritten on behalf of other brands, there are several reports I am not able to reference in here).

The Dawn of Traditional CX metrics? Examining Satisfaction, EXQ, and WAR (2019)

An academic peer-reviewed paper where I was first author alongside world-leading scholar Prof Dr Phil Klaus. In it we explore several high profile customer measurement such as CSAT (customer satisfaction), NPS (Net Promoter Score) and other more ‘niche’ measures such as the Wallet Allocation Rule (WAR).

Despite its relative recency, this paper has already been quoted in a dozen of subsequent peer-reviewed papers according to Sage Publishing.

Customer Experience Predictions for 2018 (2017)

Contributed alongside CX professionals from brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook and Nissan to a trends report for the year 2018.

In this report, I spoke of a more levelled CX playing field something which, sadly, has happened… downwards (the sad irony of it is not lost on me).

Organizing & Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence (2017)

Co-authored with Craig Ryder and Torsten Fritz, this long-form article discusses the importance of a well built and sturdy Voice of Customer (VoC) programme for organisations, highlighting pitfalls to avoid and tips to implement. This builds upon the previous work which started exploring the concept of memory in Customer Experience and applies it in-depth to CX Insights programmes.

B2B Customer Experience: Winning in the Moments that Matter (2017)

This report was then the first report dedicated to B2B CX from a major British consultancy. In it, organisations can learn how to best navigate the complex waters of the customer journey in the B2B space across the lifecycle of a typical client relationship, where brands tend to shine and how to overcome the most common pitfalls.

This report teaches you about the Decision Making Unit (DMU) and how to adjust your approach throughout the relationship to maximise value for both client and vendor organisations.

Making Memories – 2016 UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis (2016)

Co-authored KPGM’s flagship Top 100 Customer Experience Brands ranking which highlighted how leading brands across the UK and abroad were harnessing the power of memorability to cement themselves as fan favourites. Some of the concepts explored in this report include the serial position effect and how to apply memorability to social media.