Gustavo Imhof is the name

Behind these few pages is a man, involved in customer experience from Day 1 of his career and still fervently fascinated by the field and its promises.

The main foci of my research over the past years have been the mechanics of memorable experiences and value-driving innovation that enhance the customer experience. This is what I refer to as Next Practice in the making, which also happens to be the strapline of this website.

You may also come across some of my case studies and best practice examples, showcasing some of my research and first hand experiences in the field.


Career to date

I kickstarted my carreer in customer experience with a research paper back at Cranfield University investigating the financial impact of customer experience in the automotive industry.

I specialise in Voice of the Customer  and customer insight programmes, both on agency and client-side.  I have been bringing the customers' voices to life, shaping and executing customer strategies and fueling customer-driven change by supporting functional stakeholders.


Let's discuss opportunities

I am available for speaking, writing and contributing opportunities.

If you have any such opportunity, do reach out to me, I'll be delighted to discuss your project with you. Get in touch at

Thank you for your visit. I hope you'll find something that is worth your while.