About Gus

Gus is a published author, both in academia and general press, on Customer Experience (CX) and was named one of 30 Global CX Rising Stars under the age of 30 by CX Network.

His entire career has been dedicated to building stronger and more profitable experiences across consumer electronics, tech, financial services, EdTech, logistics and travel. His approach to CX is one of a pragmatist first and foremost: you can’t improve CX at the cost of business results – CX is a business strategy above all else.

Gus has been renowned for building from scratch and revamping several large Voice of Customer (VoC) or Customer Insights programmes, accumulating several millions of responses to date, and unlike most consultants, Gus still maintains a full-time role alongside CXAhead, to ensure he remains relevant and grounded in the realities of driving change from the inside.

His chapter in the international best-selling book Customer Experience 3, Experiences don’t matter; Memories do, conveys Gus’ vision for customer experience, one that no other CX professional has so strongly supported to date: if you want to be remembered, you need to intentional design for memorability.

As a public speaker, he has spoken to audiences across the UK, Europe, the US, Brazil and Russia as well as through global webinars.

When he’s not working at improving customer experiences for bold businesses or helping ambitious challenger brands create thought leadership content that cuts through the noise, he enjoys spending time with his family and his “firstborn son”: Yoshi the Corgi.

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