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Engagement lessons from Orlando, the world’s entertainment capital

This article was originally published on the CX Network, a leading platform for senior CX and Marketing leaders. Back in 2016, I wrote an article sharing that the biggest misconception around customer experience back then was that marketing would fully own the customer journey design. This is quite simply couldn’t be further from the truth for […]

Is Having a Horde of Promoters REALLY the Key to Your Customer Experience Strategy?

This article was originally published on the Worthix blog, a cutting-edge AI-based voice of the customer software. If there is one thing that truly scares me when I talk with senior leaders at conferences, it’s the lack of forethought many have in choosing a metric for their business. These same executives spend weeks upon weeks reviewing the right […]

The future of banking is about enabling and delivering transformative customer experience

To truly thrive, banks need to provide value beyond handling money, delivering a transformational customer experience. Joe Pine and James Gilmore pioneered customer experience with The Experience Economy. In this book, they share four stages to economy value: commodities, products, services and experiences. Banks are on the verge of the highest level of economic value: staging […]